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Buyer’s guide

Luxury gifts for men

One of the mistakes often made when buying gifts for men is to choose a gift the buyer likes without giving sufficient thought to whether the gift will be liked by the recipient. If you would like to give a gift that will be positively remembered for a long time, even for a lifetime, then following the advice below should help to achieve that.

Set a budget

You should determine beforehand how much you can afford to spend and, equally important, how much it would be appropriate to spend. It is never a good idea to spend beyond your means to obtain a gift in order to show a man how much you appreciate them. In fact, you can achieve the same effect through a distinctive gift that a man can use and that he will be proud to show off, such as a relatively inexpensive tweed toiletry bag or a genuine ox horn shoehorn.

When buying a gift for a man it is important to consider the man’s age, social/financial status and the nature of your relationship with the man. If the man can afford to buy whatever he wants then getting him a single high quality gift such as a pair of sterling silver enamel cufflinks will be better appreciated than several low quality gifts. Alternatively, you could get him a gift with a personal touch such as a framed photograph, which need not cost a lot.

Avoid the temptation to impress someone that you are still getting to know by buying them an expensive gift. You can unwittingly create a sense of obligation to reciprocate, which a man may not yet be ready to do, and this could cause resentment. As a general rule, you may spend less on a present for a man you are acquainted with and more on gifts for men you are already close to and know well. For example, a pair of cashmere gloves is a luxury gift for a man that he will be able to use during winter and will not cost a lot of money.

What type of gift to get a man?

The best received gifts for men have some common characteristics. Men like gifts that they can use, rather than something that will sit around on a shelf and gather dust. A unique gift will give more pleasure than ones that are on a man’s Amazon Wish List. You can find unique gifts for men at specialty Internet and bricks and mortar shops. Men like it when someone appears to have made that extra effort to get them a gift that is a little difficult to find and is just right for them. Finally, a gift that is related to a man’s interest is likely to be enthusiastically received. When you are giving a gift related to man’s hobby or interest make sure that he does not already have one of what you intend to get him. To find out what a man’s hobbies and interests are and what might appeal to him you can ask a friend of the man if you yourself do not know him well. Observe the man to understand his lifestyle, what he like and what is missing that will make a useful addition to his personal possessions.

Traditional gifts for men

Clothes and accessories are traditional Christmas gifts for men. Traditional gifts for men at Christmas such as cufflinks, sweaters and gloves need not be boring so as long as you make sure that the recipient would be happy to be seen wearing them in public. Therefore, if you are going to get your dad clothes as a gift for Christmas then it is best to get him something in traditional colours, such as grey or navy sweater and to steer clear of attention grabbing colours and patterns.